Yuriy Lukanov

Ukrainian Journalist and Author
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about Yuriy Lukanov

Yuriy Lukanov is a Ukrainian journalist who was born on December 26, 1958 in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. He is the author of thousands of articles, author’s columns, reports, and human rights investigations. One of his investigations released two innocent men convicted of murder. He reported on the liquidation of the consequences of the accident on Chernobyl nuclear power plant in 1986, on the war in Georgia in 2008, on Moldova in 2009, when there were riots and burning parliament, on Moscow after the terrorist attacks on the subway in 2010, and more. He showed special professional activity, covering the conflict on the Maidan in 2013-2014 and the Russian-Ukrainian war, which began in February 2014 with the Russian occupation of Ukrainian Crimea.

He is the author of several screenplays for documentaries and several documentary books. In particular, a book translated into English about the struggle of Russians with freedom of speech in Crimea during the annexation of the peninsula and after it.

He sometimes wrote prose, but saw it as a hobby. They were published in the Ukrainian media. But he was so impressed by Russia’s war against Ukraine that he wrote and published a large prose book, Reporter Volkovsky, in which he described the journalist’s work during the war. It describes the challenges facing journalists in a country that has been the victim of aggression. The book’s protagonists find answers to these challenges, which are not always perfect. The protagonists of the book are not icons worth praying for. They are people full of contradictions. But they have the will to act. Their actions are aimed at defending their country and defeating the enemy.

The author believes that Russia is waging a war for the revival of the Soviet empire. His family has special accounts with the USSR. Yuri’s grandfather, Pavlo Lukanov, was shot dead by the Stalinist regime in 1937. His wife Olha Volkovska, Yuri’s grandmother, was sentenced to 8 years and sent to the Gulag. She returned from there with a diagnosis of schizophrenia.

To make matters worse, Yuriy’s great-grandmother Maria Tytarenko lost four of her six children and her husband Levontiy during the Holodomor managed by Communists in 1933.

So, Yuri Lukanov believes that there can be no reconciliation with Putin’s Russia. If Ukraine does not win the current war, it will cease to exist. And the Ukrainians will be destroyed. But he is convinced that Ukrainians will win this war with the help of all civilized humanity.

He was published in many Ukrainian and international publications – United Press International, The Financial Times, The Atlantic Council.

Yuri Lukanov  writes political epigrams and short satirical poems. He published three books of similar works.

In 1992, Yuri Lukanov did an internship in the United States under The National Forum Foundation. In 1992 he worked for the Radio Canada International  in Montreal.

Yuri Lukanov is married in a civil marriage. His wife Inna is also a journalist. The couple has a 12-year-old son, Luka-Oleksandr.












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