Philip Buser What is a Sasquatch
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What in the World is a Sasquatch?

Release Date: 07/02/2024


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about What in the World is a Sasquatch?

This is a critical review on the theories of what a sasquatch is, or isn’t. Phillip has analyzed the most popular theories that attempt to answer the question “what is a sasquatch?”. Most people that are immersed in the bigfoot debate only argue points that support their favorite theory. This book identifies evidence that supports each theory, but also highlights key questions that most bigfoot researchers tend to ignore. The vast majority of people that have an interest in bigfoot are not biologists, so this book is not a dissertation in evolutionary biology, but written as a layman’s explanation of each theory. This review is not overwhelming with technical terms, but still explains key concepts so anyone can understand them, but keeps it short and straight forward. Once you start reading, you will want to read the book to the very end. You will be surprised what you find out!

About This Author

Phillip Buser has a bachelor's degree in wildlife biology and a second degree in natural resources and environmental science from Kansas State University. He has a master's degree in forestry from Stephen F. Austin State University.  He has been working in the wildlife and natural resource management field for nearly 25 years in Kansas, Washington State and Texas.  Phillip has been an avid outdoorsman his entire life, and a proponent of the scientific process throughout his career.  Phillip has had a long-time interest in the bigfoot phenomenon, and he has had numerous experiences in the woods that are unexplainable.  Most wildlife biologists will not discuss the Sasquatch topic as it is scientifically taboo, and those individuals that do "research" on the topic, are not trained scientists.  Phillip has written this book to bridge the gap for everyone to understand what in the world is a Sasquatch.

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