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Trump Derangement Syndrome

A Psychological Analysis of Leftist Ideology

Release Date: 06/04/2024

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about Trump Derangement Syndrome

Trump Derangement Syndrome has taken over major portions of society, spreading throughout America, tearing apart the mental stability of those inflicted, taking them to the brink and destroying cities in its wake. Pappas & Morin expose the root causes such as liberal ideology, helicopter parenting, millennial mentality, and poor moral development in those that help perpetuate the syndrome including the democrat leftwing media and entertainment industries, biased university professors, and dedicated Marxists, who use the tools of PC cancel culture, wokeism, and gaslighting, and how it has been impacting America and beyond. They also tap into the characteristics of envy, narcissism, and the rise of misandry (the contempt for men) and how this has served to propagate TDS. The pendulum of destructive TDS symptomology has swung so far to the left, that it has led to a polarization of political ideals. Pappas and Morin truly believe that if TDS is left unchecked without a cure will change the face of America forever. With the identification of this new syndrome along with its characteristics, is the first step in the recovery process toward a truly United States of America.

About This Author

Pappas and Morin have worked together in the mental health fields of neuropsychology, psychology and behavioral science for nearly 50 years combined, identifying patient's areas of difficulty through assessment and diagnosis to assist them in moving forward to live a more positive and productive life. The authors are patriots who believe in free speech, hard work, and the American way of life for people of all backgrounds.

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