Final-Uncomfortable Truth
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The Uncomfortable Truth

Release Date: 12/07/2021


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about The Uncomfortable Truth

Imagine this: a non-political analysis of liberal cultural derangement. Seems impossible, right?

You’ve seen America come under attack by its own citizens. You’ve seen America’s core values vehemently denied. And you’ve seen the leftist cultural insanity explained by politicians and pundits in several books. So why pay attention to this one?

The Uncomfortable Truth provides insight on questions you won’t find in those books:

What is the psychological appeal to these bizarre social justice movements?

Why are teenagers so susceptible to them?

How does a person get to the point where they’re willing to accept nonsense as fact and why is it happening in droves?

Who are these BLM victims and what actually happened? How can you prove that none of them were racist?

Are the claims of Israeli oppression actually legitimate? How do I refute them?

Why does the LGBT crowd always shackle themselves together just because they all involve gender?

This book goes after all these questions with no holds barred- you won’t have to worry about the answers being buried in layers of mind-numbing political correctness. Whether you’re looking for political rebuttals, psychologically oriented answers, or self improvement, this book delves into it all.

About This Author

Born in 2000 (unfortunately a member of the very… special… gen-z), Lee Maxwell grew up in Connecticut where she gradually discovered her rather intense hatred of cold weather. The eldest of 7 siblings, she has worked closely with children from a young age. After graduating from a high school of 30 girls in Rhode Island, Lee then spent a year studying abroad in Israel. Lee is a fourth grade boys teacher in a religious private school in Connecticut and has worked in both preschool and high school. Teaching has been a childhood ambition and recognizes her passion for working with kids. She enjoys recounting her growing collection of amusing anecdotes from her job. Lee also loves writing, something that has persisted from her childhood as well. Her favorite genre is fiction and she hopes to write young adult fiction in the future. She enjoys sarcasm, pancakes, history, and sleeping.

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