Soul-Less Society Angeline Marie
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Soul-less Society

The Ultimate Deception That Took The Land of Plenty to A Nation of Death

Release Date: 11/28/2023

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about Soul-less Society
For over 240 years, for the most part, the American people have enjoyed a certain amount of civility and prosperity in a free society. There is an operation underway to deliberately throw the United States and the nations of the world off the rails spiritually to cause the chaos the world is experiencing today. Why? To usher in a new age of globalism, complete control over everyone and everything, by just a few at the top. This is just the physical manifestation of an underlying spiritual war.
This fight carries to a whole other level. In the physical world it plays out as the globalists vs. the non-globalists, the governments vs. the people, one race or group against another race or group—but the ultimate fight is really in the spiritual realm. It boils down to good versus evil.
This book was not written to convince you or to change your mind. It was written to unveil the spiritual variable of the equation and show you how it connects to the physical chaos we are living through daily, and to encourage you to simply sift through the media garbage you are fed every day.

About This Author

Angeline Marie, host of the Truth Seekers Radio Show, is a conservative Christian that believes people should think for themselves. She interviews guests that have done research in their areas of expertise (whether she agrees with them or not) and disseminates that information to listeners so they can use their critical-thinking skills to make up their own minds. She believes the time is short for a free people to share ideas in a free society. Angeline Marie has worked in various behind-the-scenes roles in radio and television—she holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mass Communications from Florida International University in Miami, Florida. She's also the founder of the K-Star Talk Radio Network, a Christian, conservative news and talk radio programming, Internet broadcasting network and Kingdom Star Radio, a Christian, faith-based teaching and talk channel.

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