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Radical Betrayal

How Liberals & Neoconservatives are Wrecking American Exceptionalism

Release Date: 12/05/2023

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about Radical Betrayal
For many, the election of Donald Trump in 2016 was a dream come true. Millions saw him as a redeemer destined to make America great again. For others, his election came as a shock and established forces and institutions immediately began to conspire to wreck his presidency. Now, years after leaving the White House, the frenzy to lock Trump up is turning the U.S. into a banana republic.
How can a single event provoke such strong reactions and dangerous outcomes? This book goes beyond the banalities of Trump haters, media bias, and academic prejudice to explain this phenomenon and answer underlying questions. It shows that to understand modern America, we must recall what the Founding Fathers wanted the country to become and compare it with what it has become.
In detail, this book identifies the origin of American Exceptionalism and tracks its role in the nation’s rise from a handful of breakaway colonies to a superpower surpassing the Roman Empire in wealth and influence. It also shows how America’s greatness is crumbling as the Founders’ vision has been corrupted by forces on both the left and the right.
Radical Betrayal is a must-read for everyone who wishes to understand the crisis happening in today’s America.

About This Author

Anders W. Edwardsson was born in Dalskog, Sweden. After becoming interested in history and politics in his youth, he went on to pursue academic studies and received an M.A. in History at Uppsala University in 2002. After also studying U.S. history for a year at the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks, he returned to Europe to work as a field archeologist in Ireland and the U.K. After that, he moved back to Sweden and wrote two books on Swedish history. He also worked as a political commentator and syndicated columnist before moving permanently to the U.S. in 2011 to study Politics at The Catholic University of America in Washington D.C. He earned his Ph.D. in 2021. While in D.C., Anders met and married his wife Jen and they currently live outside Tampa, Florida. Anders enjoys the warm, sunny climate, riding his bike and working in the shadow of a palm tree.

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