Interview with Zach Hackert, Author of Destruction: How the Democratic Party & RINOs Almost Destroyed America
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How the Democratic Party & RINOs Almost Destroyed America

Release Date: 12/20/2022


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about Destruction
This is a story about the history of the Democrat Party, specifically about how bad and dangerous their policies have been. It also details how a few select RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) helped the Democrats by lacking the spine and will to stand up to them and fight for what is right for the American people. This story goes from the creation of the US to present day covering the main aspects that were of most importance in order to tell this story. It covers sensitive topics that are not currently being discussed enough but need to be because they also detail a history of corruption within the current political system that we have today. Some of these topics include the true motives behind the Jim Crow Laws, corruption at the FBI, colossal mistakes by two US presidents in FDR and Harry S. Truman, Operation ‘Crossfire Hurricane,’ bad policies during the Covid-19 pandemic and more. This story was written in a way where it should appear as if the author is narrating the story just like as if the author were having a conversation with the reader. Since the mainstream media has refused to cover the topics listed in this story, that served as motivation for the author to correct the narrative.

About This Author

Zach Hackert graduated from Illinois College with a B.A. in Political Science.  As a veteran of the United States Navy, he served in 3rd, 7th, and 5th fleets while also being forward deployed to JTF GITMO.  Those life experiences make him very knowledgeable on Middle Eastern cultures and on foreign policy matters.  Zach also held a security clearance made him privy to information that helped shape his opinions on foreign policy matters.  He also considers himself a realist. Zach would describe himself as a strong conservative with a libertarian streak.  Destruction: The story of how the Democrat Party along with a few RINOs almost destroyed America was the first book ever written by him.  He wrote his first book after graduating college because he was frustrated with the way mainstream media was reporting the news.  He prayed that God would help him find the words to write his book.  It was written to educate the public and to enact much needed change.

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