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How Progressive Ideology Is Eroding Morality and Redefining Mental Health in America

Release Date: 10/13/2020


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about Breakdown

In “Breakdown:  How Progressive Ideology is Eriding Morality and Redefining Mental Health in America,” Dr. Richard Kradin, a Harvard physicians and psychoanalyst, explores how Progressive ideology has infiltrated and now dominates the mental health field in America. Notions of political correctness, radical feminism, identity politics, and LGBTQ ideology, have all become mainstream within the mental health field. This represents a radical change from a field founded on honesty, uninhibited freedom of expression, and science. The degradation of traditional moral values that is part of today’s Progressive society makes it increasingly difficult to convey the personal limits that are necessary to foster psychological well-being required or to maintain the fabric of society. Dr. Kradin offers an alternative morality-based approach, as a prescription for mental health.

About This Author

Dr. Richard Kradin is a senior physician at Massachusetts General Hospital, a psychoanalyst, and professor at Harvard Medical School. He holds a post-graduate degree in comparative religion from Harvard University, and lectures nationally and internationally on these topics.

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