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America the Beautiful

As Seen Through the Eyes of Its Immigrants

Release Date: 12/14/2021


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about America the Beautiful

America the Beautiful is a book that provides every reader a unique insight as to what it is of America that makes her so attractive to people from every country on the globe.  Listening to the words of the immigrants themselves, we are taken on journeys that tell each individual’s story and how it evolved from just an idea to them ultimately reaching their current place in society.  They are inspiring tales of courage and perseverance that provide us a greater understanding of what makes America so beautiful.

The book begins with a brief overview of how America grew from only a few Pilgrims to become the greatest economic power and beacon of freedom the world has ever known.  It moves through the experiences and narratives of the immigrants themselves as we learn why they decided to come, their struggles to succeed, and the insights they have gained.  The concluding chapter addresses the crossroads at which America now stands and underscores the danger of losing the America that has been the symbol of hope for immigrants for over two hundred fifty years.  It provides a roadmap of what must be done to maintain and reinvigorate her promise.

America the Beautiful: As Seen Through the Eyes of Its Immigrants is a must-read for every American whether native-born or immigrant.  It will inspire an even greater love of this great land and make you proud to be an American!


This book, which delivers a hard and measured optimism from its opening page, could not be timelier than at this present juncture in America’s history. Robert Pollock’s America the Beautiful is a gem of positive thought regarding immigration, and more broadly, regarding America’s rightful direction in the decades ahead.
Pollock provides a stirring introduction, tracing the actual roots of America from pre-colonial times through the Revolution and the two and a half centuries that have followed. He then offers, together with his own commentary, a wealth of flesh-and-blood testimony from actual US immigrants, mostly recent, who describe their trials and triumphs in this new land that lay waiting.
In this book is an affirmation of the spirit that gave rise to America, a land conceived by men flawed and fallible, who yet accomplished something that continues to inspire wonder the world over. America the Beautiful affirms, front to back, what many today seem to have forgotten – that America’s promise is both great and mutual, offering opportunity to those willing to honor it with their own labor and civic integrity.
Germany, Russia, Korea, Ethiopia, Morocco – the author draws global testimony from venturers who arrived on these shores in search of freedom and opportunity denied them in places they left behind. Each story reveals a personality imbued with talent, ambition, and gratitude – a man or woman who wishes to give back in turn to a nation that has amply rewarded an unflagging effort.
This work exhibits deep appreciation of what our founders believed, and what they endured in fighting back from the brink of defeat to bring forth a new nation. It is written essentially in honor of their sacrifice, and innumerable sacrifices that have followed. A long-time historian and educator, a Viet Nam combat veteran, Dr. Pollock gives us a book that is uplifting and unabashedly patriotic. In an era marked by cynicism and moral chaos, he offers due praise to a nation forged in ice and blood that became a living miracle.

About This Author

Bob Pollock was educated at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville where he received his BS, then later at Indiana University for his MS.  After graduating from Tennessee, he enrolled in the Naval Officer Program at Pensacola, Florida, and went on to serve aboard the USS Saint Paul (CA-73) in the Engineering Department from 1965-1969.   After returning to civilian life, Bob was a teacher, school administrator, and college professor for over 35 years.  Upon retiring from Georgian Court University, he moved back to Knoxville, TN where he now lives and follows his passion for United States history and writing. During his naval career, Bob traveled throughout the Pacific region and visited numerous countries where he became acquainted with both the people and their cultures.  After retirement, he traveled throughout Europe and spoke to many people about their experiences and views of the world as well.  These encounters provided an appreciation for the diversity of people and lifestyles around the world.  For the last two years, Bob has traveled and spoken with immigrants from a wide variety of countries in an effort to distill those features of America they find most compelling. These experiences made him even more appreciative of the many qualities and attributes embodied in this great country and what it is that draws so many to her shores.

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