America the Beautiful



    America the Beautiful is a book that provides every reader a unique insight as to what it is of America that makes her so attractive to people from every country on the globe.  Listening to the words of the immigrants themselves, we are taken on journeys that tell each individual’s story and how it evolved from just an idea to them ultimately reaching their current place in society.  They are inspiring tales of courage and perseverance that provide us a greater understanding of what makes America so beautiful.

    The book begins with a brief overview of how America grew from only a few Pilgrims to become the greatest economic power and beacon of freedom the world has ever known.  It moves through the experiences and narratives of the immigrants themselves as we learn why they decided to come, their struggles to succeed, and the insights they have gained.  The concluding chapter addresses the crossroads at which America now stands and underscores the danger of losing the America that has been the symbol of hope for immigrants for over two hundred fifty years.  It provides a roadmap of what must be done to maintain and reinvigorate her promise.

    America the Beautiful: As Seen Through the Eyes of Its Immigrants is a must-read for every American whether native-born or immigrant.  It will inspire an even greater love of this great land and make you proud to be an American!