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Against the Grain

Heroic Catholics Through the Centuries

Release Date: 12/21/2021


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about Against the Grain

“…Masterful … Amazing … Excellent…”

+ Bishop Athanasius Schneider

An unapologetic tale of 21 saints from 21 centuries, Against the Grain is a heroic love story.  To add texture and depth, each century is set in its historical context and highlights a heroic virtue associated with the saint.  For our church, nation and culture to improve, there must be an increase in virtue.  Against the Grain is a playbook to stop playing defense and start playing offense.

If you have been conditioned to go with the flow of our immoral culture, this book is not for you.  If you live as a sign of contradiction amidst our coarsening culture, and are looking to live a life of greater virtue, perhaps even heroic virtue, be fortified with Against the Grain.

Against the Grain seeks to influence all to live as saints.  Recognizing that influencing human nature is a challenge, the discussion of saints, virtue, Catholic and world history, current church, political and cultural events, is done so referencing stories, pictures, music and movies.  As such Grane’s writing style disregards much of the conventional wisdom expected in a book such as this and instead marches to the beat of its own drum.

Against the Grain asks the reader “why not me?” as he or she pursues holiness, and, hopefully, heaven.  How do you embrace Christ, like holy Simeon did at the Presentation?  How will you exercise virtue today and keep the divine precepts?   Against the Grain is for culture-warrior, patriotic, faithful Catholics, and people of all faiths interested in the Catholic story.

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