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Defiance Press is an online publishing company that focuses on providing a platform for authors to publish their work. As an author-first publication, our primary objective is to support and promote the voices of our writers.

At Defiance Press, we understand the challenges that authors face when trying to navigate the publishing industry. We recognize that many authors may feel ignored or unsupported by traditional publishing houses, which is why we have created a publishing model that prioritizes the needs of our writers.

From an organizational perspective, we strive to maintain open communication channels with our authors throughout the publishing process. We ensure that they have a say in the design, editing, and marketing of their books. Our editorial team works closely with each author to provide guidance and feedback on their work, helping them to refine and perfect their manuscripts.

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We also offer a range of marketing and promotional services to our authors to help them reach a wider audience. We understand that marketing and promoting a book can be a daunting task for many authors, which is why we provide support every step of the way.

As an online publishing company, we also understand the importance of leveraging technology to streamline the publishing process. We use the latest digital tools and technologies to make publishing as efficient and hassle-free as possible for our authors.

If you have a completed body of work that you’d like to submit to us, please click the link below. We’ll review your manuscript & reach out to you directly if it passes our required criteria!

>I want to get published<<

How does Defiance Press compare to traditional publishing houses?

One of the key differences is that Defiance Press is an online publishing company, whereas traditional publishing houses typically operate through brick-and-mortar offices. As an online publishing company, Defiance Press is able to leverage technology to streamline the publishing process and make it more accessible for authors.

Another key difference is that Defiance Press is an author-first publication. This means that the needs and goals of the author are at the forefront of the publishing process. Unlike traditional publishing houses, which often require authors to adhere to strict guidelines and timelines, Defiance Press works closely with each author to ensure that their vision for their book is realized.

Defiance Press also differs from traditional publishing houses in terms of the genres that it specializes in. We focus on genres that encompass fiction, non-fiction, current events, and children’s literature, from outstanding authors with a special emphasis on God, country, liberty, and conservatism.

If you’ve written a book on business or romance, we’re able to publish those as well through our sister companies Keynote Publishing (business) & Yellow Rose Romance (romance).

In terms of the submission process, Defiance Press is more accessible than many traditional publishing houses. Authors can submit their manuscripts directly to Defiance Press through our website, and our editorial team will review the manuscript and provide feedback within a reasonable timeframe.


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