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Defiance Press specializes in linking writers to readers. By handling the mechanics of publishing, marketing and distribution of a manuscript, we liberate the author to do what they love to do — write!

Have a passion for politics? We’ll publish that. Do you enjoy creating stories that incorporate Godly messages, that encourage a love of country and value conservatism? We’d love to help you reach out to readers who share your ideas. We are not your traditional publishing house, we’re better. Let us handle the details and solidify that important link between you and your audience.



Our authors are more involved in the design, production, and marketing of their book than those working with other partnership and traditional publishers. As a partner with each author we represent, we take care of the details from author promotion, social media audience building, book design and production to marketing and ongoing public relations after your book launch date. You can feel confident partnering with Defiance Press through our partnership publishing program.


We have winning strategies to present your book to book buyers through our pre-launch marketing campaigns. Aside from putting your book on Amazon, options for access to properly promote and sell at the highest potential, a self-published book or a book produced through an "a la carte" services publisher, are extremely limited. We help authors stand out from the crowd, with our industry-leading design team and PR/Marketing specialists. Our authors can be confident in the work we do for them in producing beautiful books and getting them in the hands of their readers.

Partner Publishing vs. Traditional

We offer traditional publishing for those authors with proven platforms, significant social media audiences or celebrity status. For most authors, partner publishing offers the most opportunity (and higher royalties) than traditional publishing. What's the difference? With partner publishing, our authors get the exact same distribution as traditional, however we "share" or partner in the production costs and marketing of the book in exchange for higher royalties. Do not confuse partner publishing with the self-publishing industry, as there are many differences. Many book retailers will simply not carry self-published titles or those from what the industry refers to as "vanity publishing houses." Contact us for more information.

We Handle Media Promotion

Hiring a publicist to promote you as an author, as well as promoting your book, can be expensive and risky. When working with Defiance Press and our in-house marketing and contracted PR firms, you can feel confident that promotion is on-going and done in a professional manner. 

  • Take a look at just a few of the media outlets where our authors have appeared.

Professional Design, Editing & Formatting

Take a look at our books.  The covers, editing, and format are simply outstanding!

Rights Retention

Your book is yours! With Defiance, you keep title to your works and all rights.

Transparency. Honesty. Integrity.

We truly partner with our authors! We believe in full transparency, honesty, and integrity in dealing with our authors.