Patrick Byrne Unveils Explosive Tell-All Book: Danger Close: Domestic Extremist Threat #1 Comes Clean

In his explosive memoir, Patrick Byrne, former CEO of, presents a harrowing account of his involvement in a maze of corruption and deception at the top tiers of the U.S. government. Published by Defiance Press, “Danger Close: Domestic Extremist Threat #1 Comes Clean” offers readers an extraordinary glimpse behind the veil of power, laying bare startling truths poised to redefine public knowledge of governmental operations.

The prologue, penned by the highly regarded retired military officer General Michael T. Flynn, paves the way for Byrne’s jaw-dropping disclosures. General Flynn writes, “The unbelievable saga of bribery, blackmail, rape, and murder, more commonly the fabric of fictional narratives, is the reality of a man coerced into facilitating these deeds for our government. Patrick’s testimony is genuine, the corruption he has unveiled is authentic, and the narrative becomes increasingly alarming as it unfolds.”

Adding to the narrative’s credibility, the preface by Maria Butina, who finds herself at the heart of Byrne’s story, illuminates her wrongful persecution and her unexpected bond with Byrne. Butina reveals, “I was framed and made a scapegoat for alleged ‘Russian Collusion’ with Trump’s presidential campaign—a collusion that never existed, as confirmed by both the Durham and Mueller reports. My consequence was an 18-month U.S. prison sentence. Regrettably, Patrick’s involvement as ‘patient zero’ in my case, working against me with the FBI, was significant.”

Dave Roberts, CEO of Defiance Press, emphasizes the critical timing of the book’s publication, stating, “With the approach of the 2024 election, it’s imperative that the public learns the full scope of the ‘Russiagate’ conspiracy. Patrick Byrne’s revelations provide a sobering reminder of the urgent need for transparency and truth in our political discourse.”

“Danger Close” offers an insider’s view into the machinations of power, unveiling shocking realities that challenge the status quo and pose serious questions about the integrity of government agencies.

Byrne affirms, “This book is a candid narrative of my personal experiences and the disturbing realities I discovered. My aim in telling my story is to highlight the insidious elements at play and to spark a critical dialogue on the necessity of accountability and openness in our governance.”

“Danger Close: Domestic Extremist Threat #1 Comes Clean” will be released in February 2024 and will be available from major retailers across the country. For additional information, interviews, or media inquiries, please contact:

Lisa Woodward

[email protected]

Patrick Byrne is a well-known entrepreneur and ex-CEO of His innovative leadership and dedication to progress have made significant impacts across industries and defied traditional boundaries. Byrne is vocally committed to transparency, and his role in exposing governmental corruption has solidified his status as a key voice in the debate on responsibility in today’s society.

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