Rittenhouse Rally Censored By Southern Star Brewery After Receiving Pressure From H-E-B


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Conroe TX – Southern Star Brewery has withdrawn an upcoming “Rally Against Censorship” event featuring Kyle Rittenhouse after being pressured by its sponsor H-E-B Grocery Stores.

The event was originally scheduled for January 26th and was hosted by Defiance Press Publishing. The brewery announced on its social media Friday that they had decided to yank the event, citing that they were an apolitical establishment and the event “doesn’t reflect our own values.” 

The event’s organizers shortly found out that the decision only came after Southern Star was issued a threat by H-E-B to end business dealings with the brewery if they carried on with the event with Rittenhouse.

“This sudden decision is nothing other than an outrageous display of censorship,” said Defiance Press founder David Roberts, “Up until now, Southern Star Brewery had agreed to host this event with full knowledge that Kyle Rittenhouse would be invited and had no problem whatsoever. It was not until H-E-B threatened to end their business with them that they decided to pull our event. Clearly, money talks and values walk for Southern Star.”

Along with Rittenhouse, the rally’s line-up of speakers included former Navy Seal Justin Sheffield and Daniel Miller of the Texas Nationalist Movement, in addition to the publishing company’s own David Roberts and Cassandra Spencer. The company has been instrumental in conservative America’s fight against media censorship.

Defiance Press is looking for an alternative venue which will be revealed soon. Tickets can be reserved at RittenhouseRally.com 


Defiance Press

Defiance Press & Publishing is committed to promoting high-quality and thought-provoking books to readers by partnering with outstanding authors and thought-leaders in politics, fiction, business, children’s, and non-fiction genres via alternative and traditional book distribution methods. Defiance imprints include Keynote Books (business & entrepreneurship), Bluebonnet Kids (children’s), and Nicholson Books (romance & all other genres). Defiance Press was founded by David Thomas Roberts.

David Roberts

David Thomas Roberts is a conservative activist, CEO, author, and publisher. He founded Defiance Press and Publishing, LLC as a result of his experience with the publishing industry when he wrote his first book, Patriots of Treason. Today, Defiance Press stands out as a leader in the world of conservative publishing, where authors are granted unparalleled support in bringing their vision to life. 

Along with his role as an author, publisher, and activist, David is the founder of Teligistics, a telecom company started in 1997. Over the last 25 years, Teligistics has become a multi-million dollar firm that engages in global consulting. He is the CEO of the company to this day. 

Kyle Rittenhouse

Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty on all charges in a trial where he received sharply negative coverage from mainstream media; he was called a white supremacist and numerous outlets repeated the falsehood that he illegally transported the rifle he used in the fatal shootings across state lines.

With the support of countless Patriotic and freedom-loving Americans, Kyle beat the odds, won his freedom, and proved to a nation that justice is possible, even in the face of overwhelming political and societal pressures.

Rittenhouse started the Media Accountability Project to hold the media accountable and take them to court for the lies they perpetuate against Americans.

Kyle is now fighting for the future of the nation and freedom against a corrupt, broken news media that lied and seemed intent on fueling a race war for ratings. He is also fighting against left-wing political pundits who are happy to see the country fall apart as well as big tech tyrants whose censoring has destroyed the fabric of America. 

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