Danger Close Patrick Byrne
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Danger Close

Domestic Extremist Threat #1 Comes Clean

Release Date: 02/16/2024

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about Danger Close

Journey into the life of Patrick Byrne

A narrative seamlessly blending entrepreneurial prowess with covert government operations. As the visionary founder of Overstock.com, Byrne, once lauded as the “National Entrepreneur of the Year 2011” and hailed as the “Messiah of Bitcoin,” reveals an astonishing twist in August 2019 — his role as a secret operative for the U.S. Government.

This memoir lays bare Byrne’s integral involvement in the “Russian Collusion Delusion” and the Clinton Investigation, exposing them as deceptive maneuvers orchestrated on an unsuspecting public. As the story unfolds, Byrne becomes a national lightning rod, branded the “kingpin” by PBS in 2021 and identified as the Department of Homeland Security’s top domestic threat in August 2022.

Byrne comes clean on the intricacies of his covert life, challenging perceptions and unraveling the delicate balance between public persona and clandestine operations. Unveiling his second life with the U.S. Government, from facilitating a bribe for Hillary Clinton to romancing a Russian spy, Byrne argues that these were early elements in a Deep State soft-coup against America, culminating in the alleged rigging of Election 2020, challenging fundamental principles of just governance.

Brace yourself for an explosive memoir redefining trust, challenging conventional wisdom, and reshaping the boundaries between government, business, and individual truth.

About This Author

Patrick Byrne, an alumnus of Dartmouth College, Stanford University, and Cambridge University as a Marshall Scholar, is a seasoned entrepreneur and visionary. Mentored by Warren Buffett, Byrne's diverse ventures span real estate to blockchain, and he boasts 20 years as an E-Commerce pioneer at Overstock.com. Recognized as the "National Entrepreneur of the Year" (2011) and with his firm honored as "One of America's Most Trusted Firms" by Forbes, Byrne's journey also includes a legendary battle against Wall Street manipulators preceding the 2008 Financial Crisis.

Beyond his business achievements, Byrne unveils a second life intertwined with the United States Government. From exposing a fake Russian scandal to facilitating a bribe for Hillary Clinton, his involvement in historical events becomes a compelling narrative. Byrne argues these were early elements in a Deep State soft-coup against America, with the pivotal moment being the rigging of Election 2020—a stance he believes challenges the principles of just government derived from the consent of the governed.

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