Thomas Michael Simon

Author & Engineer
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about Thomas Michael Simon

Thomas Michael Simon is a veteran and twenty-year civil servant aiming to shatter the current political quagmire. His professional background is a marriage of cutting-edge technology development and governmental bureaucracy, which are evolving to devalue individual liberties. Born in a liberal home and wed into a conservative family, the contrasting values and motivations find champions in his work. Much of the rage in today’s politics is because few understand what inspires people with whom they disagree.

Mr. Simon was born in Boston, grew up in Maine and Missouri, served active duty in the Navy, and graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Missouri Rolla with a degree in Mechanical Engineering before a career in the U.S. Government. A student of politics, religion, and philosophy, he savors modernizing examples of hard historical lessons into current political crises. As a husband, father of three, and Texan, Mr. Simon loves America and prays that the current trajectory is corrected and the better angels of our nature once again prevail.

Books By Thomas Michael Simon

The American Testament