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The system is designed for Defiance Press authors to gain insightful reviews on their books by reviewing others' work. You'll start with 3 credits. For each review you submit on another author's book, you gain a point. When someone reviews your book, you lose a point. This incentivizes active participation and ensures fair exchange of reviews.

Reviews should be constructive, insightful, and based on the "Cliff's Notes" version of the book that the book’s author will submit. Reviews should highlight what you enjoyed, and overall impression without revealing spoilers.

Submit a summary your book through this form on our platform. This summary should give reviewers enough information to understand the plot, characters, and themes (fiction) or thesis and summary of information (nonfiction) without needing to read the entire book.

You're encouraged to review as many books as you like to accumulate points. However, the number of reviews you can receive is limited by the number of points you currently have. Each review of your book will deduct a point from your balance.

If your points fall to zero, your book will be temporarily paused from receiving new reviews until you submit more reviews to gain additional points.

Yes, you can select from a list of available books that need reviews. We encourage you to choose books in genres you are familiar with or interested in to provide the most valuable feedback.

We are considering offering rewards such as Defiance Press merchandise, discounts on author copy orders, etc in exchange for points. Details on these rewards will be provided when/if those rewards are implemented. We are still in a testing/proof of concept phase.

If you receive a review that you believe is unfairly negative or violates our guidelines, please contact Cassandra, Publishing Manager, at [email protected].

Engage actively by reviewing others' work and using the feedback received to improve your book. Participate in community discussions and take advantage of any contests or promotions.

The program is currently available to Defiance Press authors only.