Small Press Distribution

Small Press Distribution

Defiance Press is an independent publisher that focuses on publishing books that are informative, thought-provoking, and challenging to mainstream thinking.

One of the primary functions of Defiance Press is to distribute books through various channels, including online retailers, independent bookstores, and direct sales.

We have extensively developed relationships with distributors and booksellers to help get our authors books into the hands of readers. We also convert all of our Authors Books into Audiobooks & Ebooks.

In terms of the production process, we’re also responsible for various aspects of publishing such as editing, design, and marketing. We work closely with authors to ensure their books are well-written, professionally designed, and marketed to the appropriate audience.

One of the unique facets of Defiance Press is our focus on books that challenge mainstream thinking. We believe in publishing works that are thought-provoking and informative and that provide readers with a different perspective on the world.

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What defines a small press?

The definition of a small press can vary depending on the source and context, but generally speaking, a small press is an independent publishing house that publishes a limited number of books each year. Small presses typically have a small staff, a limited budget, and a focus on niche or specialized genres or topics. They may also have a regional or local focus, publishing books that are specific to a particular geographic area or community.

Small presses are often distinguished from larger, traditional publishers by their focus on publishing books that are less commercial or mainstream. They may be more willing to take risks on books that are unconventional, experimental, or challenging to mainstream thinking. Small presses may also be more likely to publish books by emerging or first-time authors who may not have a track record of commercial success.

Small presses may also offer more personalized attention to their authors, working closely with them throughout the publishing process to ensure their books are well-written, edited, and designed. They may also provide more creative control to their authors, allowing them to have a greater say in the design and marketing of their books.

In general, small presses play an important role in the publishing industry by providing an alternative to larger, traditional publishers and by promoting diversity and innovation in the literary world. While small presses may have limited resources and a smaller reach than larger publishers, they offer a unique platform for authors and readers to engage with books that might not otherwise be available in the mainstream market.

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What is a small press vs an independent press?

The terms “small press” and “independent press” are often used interchangeably, and there is no clear consensus on what distinguishes one from the other. However, there are some differences in how these terms are used in the publishing industry.

Generally speaking, a small press refers to a publishing company that is small in size and scope, often publishing a limited number of titles each year. Small presses may focus on niche or specialized genres, and they may have a regional or local focus.

On the other hand, an independent press typically refers to a publishing company that is independent of the major publishing conglomerates. Independent presses may vary in size and scope, and they may publish a range of genres and topics. They may also be more focused on promoting diverse voices and perspectives in the publishing industry.

In some cases, a small press may also be an independent press, and vice versa. However, some independent presses may have a larger reach and publish more titles each year than some small presses. Additionally, independent presses may be more focused on issues such as author rights, social responsibility, and diversity in publishing.

In the end, the distinction between small press and independent press is somewhat fluid, and the terms are often used interchangeably. What is most important is the role that these presses play in promoting diverse voices and perspectives in the publishing industry and providing a platform for new and emerging authors.

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