You Say You Want A Revolution
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You Say You Want a Revolution

A Compelling & Cautionary Tale of What Lies Ahead

Release Date: 08/23/2022


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about You Say You Want a Revolution

What’s Really Happening in the World…?
Feel like you’re standing on quicksand? That the world is shaking…there’s something terribly wrong?

You’re not alone. Now, Dr. Pastor – a recognized expert in public safety and security – pulls together compelling facts and logic that will show you what you are feeling: we are living in a revolutionary climate. As dangerous as this sounds, there is still time to act. Dr. Pastor points out how to regain stability and rationality in a world gone mad.

Using extensive research coupled with wide ranging experience, this book helps us understand what is happening, why it’s happening, and what can be done about it.

This timely, topical, and powerful book takes the reader into relevant policies—and onto the street— explaining how policies play out on the street and why lawless conditions will worsen. No current book blends such comprehension with conversation in a principle-based explanation.

A Book for Those Who Care About This Country
Dr. Pastor uses his experience to tackle extremist ideologies and the progressive agenda using reason along with his unique perspective. Exposing the underlying intent of policies built on vacant, dangerous mantras, those who care about this country and sense something is terribly wrong will find his book insightful, yet chilling.

Using the lyrics from the 1968 Beatles’ song Revolution, which asked the rhetorical question You Say You Want a Revolution, the book addresses what most are afraid to talk about: Race, Religion & Politics. Divisions caused by these factors are fueled by extremist ideologies. The result? Lawlessness finds fertile ground. Considered a “societal cancer,” lawless and extremist thinking grows unless and until its underlying causes are addressed. Along with reminding us of what made this country great, Dr. Pastor presents a new solution: Public Safety Policing – a unique answer that will help bring order and sanity to the chaotic conditions of a lawless society.

In the end, security and freedom are intimately tied to a strong and viable country and the capitalistic system—both of which are directly targeted by extremist ideologies. For those who care about this country and want to see how dots connect toward the pending revolution, Dr. Pastor’s compelling story will enlighten and inspire—serving as a cautionary tale for us all.

About This Author

James F. Pastor is the founder and principal expert of SecureLaw LLC, a public safety and security consulting firm. He is a recognized expert on security and public safety with a broad forty-year career ranging from a tactical Chicago Police officer to legal counsel for police unions, electronic security, guard, public safety firms, and religious organizations. His experience includes the development of security policies and protocols coupled with applying security technologies and risk management techniques designed to reduce liability exposure and enhance the protective environment. Dr. Pastor previously was an associate professor in Public Safety Administrative at Calumet College of St. Joseph, adjunct instructor in Security Management at Webster University and at Loyola University in Chicago. He also formerly taught legal issues to police officials at Northwestern University- Center for Public Safety, and security technology to police officials from around the world at the International Law Enforcement Academy, a U.S. State Department sponsored training facility. Dr. Pastor also holds a doctorate in Public Policy Analysis from the University of Illinois at Chicago, and is a Certified Protection Professional (CPP), which is considered the “gold standard” for security management professionals. He is the author of three previous books, Terrorism & Public Safety Policing: Implications for the Obama Presidency, Taylor & Francis (2009); Security Law and Methods, Elsevier (2006); The Privatization of Police in America: An Analysis and Case Study, McFarland & Company (2003). For more information, please see Dr. Pastor's website at:

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