Wokelynd George Denny
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Release Date: 12/12/2023

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about Wokelynd
San Francisco, New California, 2066:
Having broken off from the United States of America decades previously, New California is a separate country, an isolated nation-state run exclusively to achieve the promise of total equity for all identities, with extra equity for those historically oppressed populations. The innate wisdom of branded Social Justice and Anti-Racism, the highest priorities of New California, will be revealed to everyone all over the world soon enough, but first, for Black military sniper Quinceton Rift, there is a border dispute with Nevada to confront.
Wokelynd is a tale that captures the lunacy of the modern American identity crusade in a world that lives on the philosophy which motivates the debasement of language, the destruction of individual rights, and the evolution of values from equality to equity.
Quinceton Rift’s story has three distinct acts to it: first, he fights for New California in an attack on the Nevada Americans, then sees the fundamental truths of his world up close, and finally, reaches for his own flavor of justice at the annual Anti-Racist gala.
Through Wokelynd, we see the contemporary extortion of American history as a method to enforce new social norms, and the unlikely heroes who are called upon to answer.

About This Author

George P. Denny was born in San Francisco, grew up in Brookline, MA, and moved back to California in 2004. He lived in San Francisco from 2011-2023, during which time he saw the rise and fall of the city, and resolved to write three novels about three different topics which are currently destroying our country from within. Wokelynd is his first novel, and his greatest achievement.
George is an outspoken political independent who loves honest debate and loathes the tight boundaries of acceptable thought which limit what we watch and read. His work aims to move the larger conversation forward by tackling controversial subjects fearlessly.
His greatest value is truth and the foremost aspect of his identity is American.

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