What Do You Mean I Can't Park Here Michael Herrmann
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What Do You Mean I Can’t Park Here?!

Release Date: 10/11/2022

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about What Do You Mean I Can’t Park Here?!

Thousands of self-help books have been written about parenting, relationships, marriage, Faith in God, mental health, chemical dependency and finding fulfillment in life. The biggest problem with most self-help books is that most of us don’t have a lot of time to sit and read multiple self-help books searching for answers. When we are faced with challenges it can be difficult to ask for help or even understand what we need help with. If your relationships are falling apart or you have a loved one who is struggling with chemical dependency you may feel like you have tried everything, but nothing helps. This book addresses a variety of common problems that individuals and families face in life. It provides insight into identifying the root cause and provides direction, a starting point, in how to truly find help and improve the lives of those around you.

Every discussion of school shootings, sex crimes, drug abuse or gang violence includes the subject of mental health. Yet, America struggles to understand mental health and the impact it has on society. Research has consistently proven one important lesson over and over again. Parenting is the most important influence on mental health in any person’s life.

Before any nation, government, law or religion was ever established there was the family. Before any king, pharaoh, president, congressman, dictator, judge, pastor, priest or executive there was dad. A father is the foundation of leadership. All other leadership in the nation is dependent on a father being a leader in his home. However, men will struggle to lead until they understand how truly vital and important they are to their families, friends and communities. You can’t truly lead until you understand that you answer to a higher authority as well.


About This Author

Mike is a husband of 25 years and father of three with 20 years of service in public safety, protection services and mental health treatment. He holds a Master’s degree in Forensic Mental Health and a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice.  

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