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Violent but True Bedtime Stories: Roy Benevidez

Master Sergeant Roy Benevidez

Release Date: 08/08/2023

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about Violent but True Bedtime Stories: Roy Benevidez

The Violent But True Bedtime series delves into the accounts of remarkable Americans thrust into the most arduous and violent circumstances imaginable. These captivating narratives illuminate the indomitable spirit and unwavering heroism displayed by these individuals, serving as an exemplar for the upcoming generation of Americans who will assume the mantle of safeguarding our cherished values and way of life. These stories serve as an inspiration, showcasing the resolute determination and unwavering resolve that are essential in the face of daunting challenges. By sharing these tales of American grit, the series imparts invaluable lessons and cultivates a deep appreciation for the virtues of bravery and sacrifice, fostering a sense of duty and honor among future defenders of our nation.

It is no surprise that the opening tale in this compilation of American service members revolves around the remarkable heroism and unwavering bravery of Msgt Roy Benavidez, a Green Beret in the US Army. Throughout his illustrious 24-year career, he consistently demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to his fellow soldiers and humanity as a whole, even when faced with imminent peril. His selfless actions, amidst the specter of certain death, stand as a testament to his character and to the valor of the United States Military. Through his resolute determination and audacity, Msgt Roy Benavidez fearlessly confronted overwhelming enemy forces, willingly exposing himself to relentless gunfire. His fearless actions directly resulted in the salvation of the lives of eight of his comrades, an act of extraordinary bravery that epitomizes the selflessness and sacrifice exhibited by our servicemen and women.

About This Author

Meet Tim Jensen, a Marine Corps veteran and a leader in business and advocacy for the veteran community. Born in Chicago, Illinois, Tim currently serves as the Chief Brand Officer of Grunt Style LLC, one of the fastest grow- ing e-commerce and retail patriotic brands in the country. He is also the Chairman of the Grunt Style Foundation and hosts several popular veteran focused podcasts. During his service in the Marine Corps, Tim served as an Amtracker gone Infantryman and was deployed to Iraq in September 2004. He participated in over 200 combat pa- trols in the extremely violent Northern Babil Province and was awarded a Combat Action Ribbon and a 2nd award Navy Achievement Medal with Combat Valor device. His unit was awarded the Naval Unit Citation for actions in combat. Tim’s military experience has been an invaluable asset in his business and thought leadership opportunities. As a businessman and spokesperson for veteran causes, he continues to anchor his work with Grunt Style’s values of ‘Pride in Self, Pride in Military and Pride in Country’. Tim’s leadership role at Grunt Style has helped to support and give back to the veteran community, including through the Grunt Style Foundation, which supports various vet- eran causes. His commitment to the veteran community and advocacy work has made a positive impact in his community and beyond.

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