Sara Grover Unknown Variant
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Unknown Variant

Release Date: 01/17/2023


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about Unknown Variant

The year is 2144; cities and farmlands have been destroyed by the encroaching ocean; genocides were carried out to cull the human population to save resources for those deemed worthy of them. Society, as we know it, no longer exists; in its place, a globalist, governing system based on genetic segregation. Layla, a prostitute only as a means to provide for her mother and siblings, is procured into indentured servitude by the handsome and well-meaning son of a corrupt politician. A strange love arises between the two as they struggle against the adversity of a segregated society, their inner demons, and embark on a perilous journey to the other side of the world, in search of a place where their love isn’t a criminal offense.

About This Author

Sara Grover was born and raised in California, but after the age of 17, has lived in every time zone in the contiguous United States. She is a proud military spouse and mother of a special needs child. She is a tireless advocate for her child and gave up her teaching career to care for him full-time. The stigma and cruelty that come from people who do not understand and judge people like her son as “monsters” that should be “locked away”, inspired her to write Unknown Variant, a story of a dystopic future in which individuals with special needs and other genetic conditions are cast off to live lives of poverty and suffering.

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