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Ultimate Covenant

Invasion-Book 4

Release Date: 04/19/2020


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about Ultimate Covenant

Ashley Vargas, 20, after three years in Venezuela, trained and tested, is put under mind control by an ex-Special Forces Vet and sent on an innocent mission through the Amazon.The adventure was meant to help the mentally impaired Vargas, but when a Venezuelan assassin recognizes he’s under mind control, Ashley mistakenly kills two people. The only thing between the boy and certain death is a seductive Brazilian spy who’s fallen in love…Invasion is the first book in the Ultimate Covenant series, but the fourth in chronological order.

About This Author

Taken to Venezuela as a teenager, two years after Hugo Chaves’ failed coup d’etats, Velayas has seen – firsthand – two Latin American countries fall to communists.

He’s worked as a clerk, teacher, filmmaker, lineman, ditch digger and cable guy, in the US, Brazil, Venezuela, Paraguay and a Caribbean island. 

Velayas calls Texas home.

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