Ultimate Covenant

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Ultimate Covenant

Invasion-Book 4

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about Ultimate Covenant

Ashley Vargas – 20 – after spending three years in Venezuela – trained and tested – then put under mind control by his father – a Vietnam Vet – and Jack MacNeill – an ex-Special Forces Vet – is sent on a seemingly innocent mission to invade Brazil, through the Amazon.

The adventure was meant to help the mentally handicapped Vargas, but when a Venezuelan assassin recognizes the boy is under mind control – Ashley mistakenly kills a mother and father. The only thing between the boy and death, is a seductive Brazilian spy who’s fallen in love…

Invasion is the first book published in the Ultimate Covenant series, but the fourth in chronological order.

about this author

Taken to Venezuela as a teenager, two years after Hugo Chaves’ failed coup d’etats, Velayas has seen – firsthand – two Latin American countries fall to communists.

He’s worked as a clerk, teacher, filmmaker, lineman, ditch digger and cable guy, in the US, Brazil, Venezuela, Paraguay and a Caribbean island. 

Velayas calls Texas home.


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