Tragedy in America Cory Evans
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Tragedy in America

Release Date: 08/22/2023

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about Tragedy in America

I was a police officer and special operations soldier for a combined 18 years. I had a loving wife, healthy kids, great friends, and perfect home. I was living the American dream. I trained my heart out every day to keep the peace in the community. Sacrificing my life and health to protect America both at home and over seas. Then I got involved in the infamous Breonna Taylor case. I was involved in the riots. I saw my friends getting hurt and maimed. I saw my community in flames. In a single moment I lashed out against a rioter. I was prosecuted and imprisoned and my American dream turned to tragedy for all involved.

About This Author

Cory Evans of Sellersburg, IN originally hails from the coal fields of Eastern Kentucky. At the age of 17, he enlisted in the US Army and became a member of the special forces at 19. He quickly rose through the ranks to Staff Sergeant and served one tour in Afghanistan and two tours in Germany. Cory and his wife Jenna have two young sons. Evans enjoys spending time with his boys and taking them to the parks around the city and teaching them everything he can. He also enjoys crossfit and studying Pankration. Cory had always dreamed of a life of service through military and police work. These dreams led him to take a job as a Louisville Metro Police officer. He had reached his goal and was making his country and community a better place. He earned many awards for both his military and police service. Unfortunately, due to the political climate of the time, Cory’s career and dreams were cut short. 

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