Patricia Sweet There is a River
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There is a River

Release Date: 07/09/2024

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about There is a River
Carly Green once knew more love than she’d dreamed possible in the church she and her husband planted, but she’s grown so far apart from the brethren she can no longer call them friends. Her life has gone in a different direction. The glory days of the Jesus movement are long gone and so is Carly’s sense of belonging.
Suspecting her pastor husband of having an affair she’s ready to leave him and the church. But when her sons go missing one after the other she returns to the congregation only to be called out in public for failing as a mother.
Her family in shatters and the faith of many at stake, Carly must find her way back to the place of forgiveness and strength, the foot of the cross.

About This Author

Patricia Sweet grew up on an island and like Carly couldn’t wait to drive across the bridge to explore the wide world.
She distinguished herself as a writer in second grade publishing her first poem in the Grand Island Dispatch, then moving on to short stories throughout high school and college. It wasn’t until she began teaching English for the City of Buffalo Schools that she wrote her first novel, inspired by her students who’d asked for a book about them.
These days she writes stories crafted to entertain, inspire, and challenge women of faith. She and her husband live in an old farm house in upstate New York with a very shaggy dog named Cozzi.
She is thrilled to be working with Defiance, a company that shares her belief in freedom, especially freedom of speech, something we can’t take for granted in this age of political correctness and censorship.

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