KB Condi The Quest for Harmony
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The Quest for Harmony

Release Date: 05/30/2023

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about The Quest for Harmony

During the Revolutionary War, the colonies were outnumbered, outmanned, out-financed, and out-strategized. By any reasonable measure, they should have lost the war. And they certainly should not have been able to establish a government so well designed and organized that the new country would soon become the most powerful and prosperous country on Earth. But they did.

Because they had help. Not just help from across the Atlantic, as history books would have everyone on Earth believe. No. Help came from much farther than that. Help came from across the galaxy.

For over 200 years, twelve people on Earth have been the Guardians of the secret of the beginnings of the United States of America.

But now it is 2024, and the high hopes of those who founded this country are on the brink of being ripped to shreds. Conflict and unrest flourish throughout the country. Civil war seems almost inevitable. And this time, the country may not survive a war with itself.

Everything will depend on two Guardians—Alecin and George—to solve clues that challenge their knowledge of the events surrounding America’s founding. These clues hide the location of the one thing that will allow for a call for help to be sent across the galaxy. Before it’s too late.

About This Author

K.B. Condi is a retired Naval JAG Officer and a graduate of the University of Chicago Law School. She believes in writing books that are fun to read, that the USA is the best country ever, that Picard was a better captain than Kirk, and that spiders are terrifying, but snakes are ok. Follow her on Twitter @KBCondi and Instagram at K.B.Condi.

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