The Mass Killer: Six Case Histories That Tell Us Why Gerald Schoenewolf
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The Mass Killer

Six Case Histories That Tell Us Why

Release Date: 08/01/2023


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about The Mass Killer

The United States as twice as many mass killings than any other country in the world. In 2018, there were 18 mass killings in one year.

Many critics say it is the accessibility of guns in the United States that is the cause of the mass killings. But guns have always been available in the US, particularly since 1781, when the second amendment was passed granting citizens the right to own guns. But mass killing began to multiply at the end of the 20th Century and continued to do so into the 21st Century.

People kill not because they have guns, but because they have an urge to kill. The urge to kill is brought on either by an emotional disturbance or a cultural disturbance or both. The urge to kill many people is brought on by an even greater disturbance.

Mass killers are the products of dysfunctional families and dysfunctional cultures. The traumas of childhood and the frustrations of living in a dysfunctional culture lead to the eruptions of mass killings.

This book probes the minds of mass killers and the meaning of their killings. It begins with an introduction to the psychology of mass killings, then offers six case histories of some of the most notorious mass killers in recent American history. It ends with a chapter on how to prevent mass killings.

About This Author

Gerald Schoenewolf, Ph.D. is a New York licensed psychoanalyst who has been practicing for over 45 years.  He has authored over 30 books, including seventeen works on psychology, eight novels, two translations of Eastern philosophy and a book of illustrated poems.  Over the last few years he has done extensive research on mass killers, which resulted in his latest book, THE MASS KILLER: How He Develops and What He Means--which explores the psychology of the mainly white males who become mass killers.  These days he does therapy remotely and lives in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania with his wife, Julia, two cats and a parrot.

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