Green Real Deal Bill Herrington
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The Green Real Deal

American Energy, National Security, and a Better Plan for the Environment

Release Date: 07/18/2023

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about The Green Real Deal
The Energy Wake-Up Call for Americans

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is a wake-up call to America and the world that Russia is a threat.

It is a threat that has been ignored for at least the last decade: the obsessive, all-in stance in favor of renewables has rendered Europe’s economy and national security vulnerable to Russian President Vladimir Putin, one of the world’s most vicious leaders.

And America is in danger of making the same catastrophic energy mistake as Europe.

Award-winning author Bill Herrington reveals the truth about Russia, China, and the danger of plans like the Green New Deal. The Green Real Deal delivers “a personal and sober assessment of the energy situation in America” based on historical accounts, newspaper articles, government documents, investigations, images, and personal experiences. It tells the critical role of oil and gas pipelines in WWII, objectively examines energy options today, and proposes a balanced path moving forward.

Robert Bryce – writer, film producer, and host of the Power Hungry Podcast – calls it “a welcome antidote to the glib statements by math-challenged politicians and academics about the ease with which we should forsake hydrocarbons and turn our economy over to weather-dependent renewables.”

Get an inside look at:

1. Why peace and national security won’t exist without oil and pipelines
2. The three faulty accusations behind American Indian protests against pipelines
3. How environmental activists and “dark money” are weakening our nation and strengthening Russia and China
4. Why Russia is spreading propaganda to destroy shale oil production and divide democracy
5. The dirty secrets of “green” energy
6. Why we quit nuclear power and why it deserves a second chance
7. An autopsy of the Green New Deal and what makes it dangerous

About This Author

Bill Herrington was heading to his downtown Houston office in 2016 when he came upon a disturbing demonstration against the Dakota Access Pipeline. It was personal for Herrington. Forty years earlier, he was introduced on a summer pipeline job to an American-made industry and the hardy men who built it. He saw the pipeline construction business from the inside out, and it left an indelible respect for the work ethic of pipeliners and for the necessity of the industry. From that humble start, Herrington graduated from Louisiana State University and began a 35-year career in corporate banking, which included a focus on the energy service industry in south Louisiana and Texas. He went on to complete the Harvard Business School general manager program and become a private equity and private credit investor based in Houston, Texas. He is also the author of the award-winning memoir, Contraflow. But Herrington never forgot his work as a common laborer on a pipeline forty years earlier. He appreciated the pipeline industry as a solid backbone of the United States, ensuring the necessary energy for our modern way of life, providing national security, supporting our strong economy, and providing stable careers for countless Americans and their families. So he was confused by the depiction of the industry as evil. The protestors said pipelines were harmful to the environment, were bad for Americans, and should be eliminated from the United States. The protest led Herrington to objectively reexamine his understanding of the industry and America. Based on personal experiences, national historical accounts, research, and investigations, The Green Real Deal tells the critical role of oil and gas pipelines in WWII, objectively examines energy options today, and proposes a balanced path moving forward. Connect with Bill Herrington on his website or join his conversation on Twitter.

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