The Gray Lion Joey Oliver
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The Gray Lion

Release Date: 09/06/2022


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about The Gray Lion

My pain… is self chosen.” Kain Villairo is a broken man. Torn away from his family at eleven and forced to join the royal army. When the rebellion breaks out in the outer villages of the Kingdom, Kain is still grappling with the losses of both his best friend as well as his mentor. As the now general of the royal army, Kain soon finds himself face to face with the leader of the insurrection, his twin brother Bruce.

Kain is the supposed only son of the Kingdom’s most famous traitor yet is surprisingly taken in with open arms by King Alastor. The boy quickly rises through the ranks of the military, becoming Kairum’s youngest commander at only seventeen. Though he finds success, Kain’s life is plagued by loss, and the young man has learned few mechanisms to deal with it besides through violence and rage. When the walls close in around him, Kain must choose between power and family.

About This Author

Joey Oliver was born to Gina and Charlie in Walnut Creek, California on September 5th, 1998. Soon after his birth, Joey’s parents took him and his older brother, Jake, and moved up to the Seattle suburb of Issaquah, Washington. As a lifelong anti-authoritarian, Joey then began to wrestle his way through the Issaquah public schools. A battle which lasted from Kindergarten up through the eighth grade. During his later years, Joey eventually followed his brother to O’Dea High School. This all-boys catholic school sits right in the heart of Seattle just outside of the Capitol Hill neighborhood. Joey cherished every second of his time there, and looks back on the experience as exclusively positive. After initially being recruited to play college lacrosse, Joey quickly transferred and ultimately ended his collegiate career at Washington State University. Though during his time in college he unfortunately became aware of the Marxist parasitization rampant throughout academia, Joey was also luckily exposed to the deeper elements of the creative process. Joey became obsessed with the great writers, artists, and musicians throughout history, and he desperately sought to understand their processes. Joey spent countless hours listening to interviews and reading books just trying to gain a grasp on how this great art was produced. Though it wasn’t until his senior year of college that Joey took all that he had learned and began writing himself. At the conclusion of college he followed his childhood best friend, Spencer, down to Austin, Texas, and completed his first novel, The Drums of War, at the age of 23.

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