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Release Date: 02/15/2022


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What would you do if everything you loved was suddenly destroyed by a microscopic organism not visible to the naked eye? Affable Texan Marshall Morris is about to enter college when the COVID pandemic explodes, completely derailing his life. When the disease strikes the usually unsinkable Marshall, he is shaken but endures his “prison-like” quarantine with good cheer. Not seeing his friends is tough, but he chats longingly with girlfriend Mallory.

Marshall worries he is a spreader transmitting the virus to others. He is devastated by the loss of old war veteran pals who evaded bullets, but not this bug. He becomes resolute about the pandemic and rails against young people who refuse to wear masks or socially distance. When his precious mother is rushed to the hospital, Marshall just knows he gave the virus to her.

Guilt-ridden and grief stricken, he cannot visit his mother. He keeps busy working at a real estate company. Desperate for cash, the company’s owner agrees to a wild scheme to inject a rogue untested miracle COVID cure into patients at a local hospital. Marshall becomes an unwitting pawn in this international plot hatched by a shady doctor and wealthy playboy. Overhearing an errant conversation, he is shocked to learn the surely fatal injection will be given to his mother. The hospital’s COVID ward is an impenetrable fortress. Can he get to her before it is too late?

about this author

As a businessman, Robert John DeLuca was compelled to operate within tightly restrictive parameters defined by market conditions, government regulations, and other restraining variables. As an author, he enjoys the incredible freedom limited only by his own creativity and passion. He has always had a strong interest in writing, which he cultivated at Brown University and the University of Pittsburgh, where he earned BA and MBA degrees respectively.


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