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The American Mind

The Answer

Release Date: 06/27/2023

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about The American Mind

In a life that rose from familial ostracism, a second-grade education, and moral wandering to world-renown heights in science, politics, philosophy, philanthropy, personal wealth, and peer respect, Benjamin Franklin demonstrated what happens when a person uses their mind to the best possible advantage. If Benjamin Franklin’s way of thinking could be bottled and sold; if drinking a bottle of Ben Franklin Cola would take your life to the level Ben’s life achieved, would you want a swig?

This book is not about Benjamin Franklin, rather, it introduces you to the way that people like Benjamin Franklin think, the way they see and deal with the world around them. It is a purely American way of thinking. Yet unnamed at its inception, on July 4th, 1776, The American Mind formally unleashed itself upon the world. It was a new way of thinking that would slingshot humankind’s societal advance with historically blinding speed. Life on planet earth has never been the same since.

So, what are the elements that make up this Mind? What are the principles that instruct these elements and the promises that follow? Life is meant to be joyful. As it has done for millions of Americans and the world at large, becoming The American Mind takes life to heights of accomplishment, happiness, and fulfillment that life was meant to enjoy.

About This Author

Buzz was born in Texas and grew up on a cotton farm in Arizona. Professionally, Buzz is a farmer raised by a farmer. Buzz is a card-carrying cowboy, rodeoing since pre-teen years. Buzz converted to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormon) young and served 2-plus years as a missionary in Argentina; working in ghettos shapes one’s view about which behavioral patterns advance one’s life and which do not. Buzz is an active team roper and he and wife, Susan, play a lot of golf. Buzz and Susan have six daughters, six sons-in-law, and twenty-three grandchildren. Buzz currently writes monthly articles for agricultural publications as well as produces weekly podcasts. This is his first book, and it’s a dandy.

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