south africa in the name of the father angus douglas
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South Africa

In the Name of the Father

Release Date: 02/07/2023


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about South Africa
State Capture in South Africa, whereby President Jacob Zuma surrendered state control for bribes, followed by a looting frenzy in July 2021 when Zuma was finally arrested, shook the foundations of the country’s liberal order. An unpalatable truth haunts the rainbow nation: African majority rule has pushed the country to the cliff-edge of collapse. Those who should speak out against a failed principle are mute for fear of being on the wrong side of a progressive ideology that weaponizes race, undermines our intuitions and saps our moral energy. This book reinvigorates the moral cause of the West, arguing that we cannot fix the country without affording some honor to those who created it. 

About This Author

South African writer Angus Douglas is a disillusioned liberal who presents an alternative analysis of his country. African majority rule has brought the country to the brink of collapse and yet few question its credibility. Douglas argues that simplistic liberal ideology violates our intuition that race is real, condemning the country to a failed majoritarian project. Douglas has delivered numerous presentations on major South African figures such as Jan Smuts, Alan Paton, Herman Charles Bosman, Sol Plaatje and Steve Biko. Their intriguing stories and his own personal anecdotes leaven the narrative of this entertaining and well-researched read.

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