Socialism Capitalism and Democracy
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Socialism, Capitalism and Democracy

What You Need to Know for the Coming Election

Release Date: 06/07/2022

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about Socialism, Capitalism and Democracy

Tired of the endless name calling during political campaigns – and in between, too. ‘You’re a capitalist pig’ or ‘a socialist pinko.’ Words have meanings and insults don’t help us understand what socialism or capitalism mean, nor how democracy affects both.


The mission of Socialism, Capitalism & Democracy is to provide clarify for each philosophy by providing examples of how each affects our economy and individual lives. Topics include property, profits, optimism (versus pessimism), self- and selfish-interest, economic voting, complexity, and more.


The most important notion considered is idea creation. Ideas are the crucial currency of 21st century economic success. How each – socialism, capitalism and democracy – effects the creation of ideas will determine if America is the winner of the economic contest with China or a loser where our children’s success will be hamstrung by an ascendant China.


The book also outlines strategies to move America past our irreconcilable differences in DC. If you want to make your vote count, this is a good quick read to give you insights that will help you rise above angry political campaigns.

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