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Silent Partners

An Alex Sheridan Thriller

Release Date: 04/28/2020


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about Silent Partners

Alex Sheridan, a Maverick entrepreneur and her high-powered business partner, Christine Welbourne, are poised for epic success in the oil and gas business. Brilliant and beautiful, the women are recognized as hard-charging leaders in the business community as well as the traditionally male-dominated oil and gas industry.

Business dreams and love relationships are shattered when Alex discovers Chris brutally murdered in their office. It looks like a professional hit.  The case immediately becomes a high-profile media event. The murder investigation shuts down their business as it follows a maze of evidence that leads to dead ends and destruction. When Chris’ secret affair with a powerful senator is discovered, events escalate.

The unsolved murder of her dearest friend combined with the destruction of their business emotionally hobbles Alex.

Powerful politicians, cutthroat associates, and business enemies are suspects and Alex is interrogated about her possible motive.  Amidst the chaos, her burgeoning love interest with the rugged engineer, Colt Forrester is abandoned.

As leads are exhausted, the murder case of prominent Denver businesswoman, Christine Welbourne goes cold.

Some years later, Alex, who is leading a shadow existence in an abusive marriage, receives a call from the past. A new lead in the unsolved murder renews hope for finding the killer. The unrelenting homicide investigator, Detective Mike Carter pressures Alex into coming back to Denver. Facing her own fears and demons, she secretly leaves Dallas and returns to help find the killer and reclaim her life.  When she returns to her former residence at the Brown Palace Hotel, she is reunited with an old friend and guardian angel, Lafayette, who works as the doorman. He assists as she confronts threats from the killer and her abusive husband. As she and Lafayette close in on the killer, Alex overcomes several violent encounters. Eventually, with Detective Carter close by, she subdues and captures Chris’ murderer. In the process, she is reunited with smoldering love interest, Colt Forester.  In the end, she gives the damning testimony against the killer and assures his imprisonment.  The killer vows revenge…


Sequel…Crude Intent, Coming in 2020




about this author

Elizabeth Jeffett is a native Texan, a proud mother of two children, and a patriotic businesswoman. A lifelong entrepreneur, she has worked in the business of professional tennis,  invests in real estate and oil and gas as well as other interests. The author divides her time between Dallas and Aspen, Colorado where she competes at tennis and paddleboards with the family’s English bulldogs.


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