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Silent Partners

An Alex Sheridan Thriller

Release Date: 04/28/2020


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about Silent Partners

Alex Sheridan, a Maverick entrepreneur and her high-powered business partner, Christine Welbourne, are poised for epic success in the oil and gas business. Brilliant and beautiful, the women are recognized as hard-charging leaders in the business community as well as the traditionally male-dominated oil and gas industry.

Business dreams and love relationships are shattered when Alex discovers Chris brutally murdered in their office. It looks like a professional hit.  The case immediately becomes a high-profile media event. The murder investigation shuts down their business as it follows a maze of evidence that leads to dead ends and destruction. When Chris’ secret affair with a powerful senator is discovered, events escalate.

The unsolved murder of her dearest friend combined with the destruction of their business emotionally hobbles Alex.

Powerful politicians, cutthroat associates, and business enemies are suspects and Alex is interrogated about her possible motive.  Amidst the chaos, her burgeoning love interest with the rugged engineer, Colt Forrester is abandoned.

As leads are exhausted, the murder case of prominent Denver businesswoman, Christine Welbourne goes cold.

Some years later, Alex, who is leading a shadow existence in an abusive marriage, receives a call from the past. A new lead in the unsolved murder renews hope for finding the killer. The unrelenting homicide investigator, Detective Mike Carter pressures Alex into coming back to Denver. Facing her own fears and demons, she secretly leaves Dallas and returns to help find the killer and reclaim her life.  When she returns to her former residence at the Brown Palace Hotel, she is reunited with an old friend and guardian angel, Lafayette, who works as the doorman. He assists as she confronts threats from the killer and her abusive husband. As she and Lafayette close in on the killer, Alex overcomes several violent encounters. Eventually, with Detective Carter close by, she subdues and captures Chris’ murderer. In the process, she is reunited with smoldering love interest, Colt Forester.  In the end, she gives the damning testimony against the killer and assures his imprisonment.  The killer vows revenge…


Sequel…Crude Intent, Coming in 2020




About This Author

Elizabeth Jeffett is an entrepreneur with extensive experience and contacts in the non-profit and professional tennis business. She is a member of the International Lawn Tennis Club of the United States of America, Vice-President and Trustee of the Maureen Connolly Brinker Tennis Foundation, and a returning Board Member of the International Tennis Hall of Fame where she served as Vice Chairperson of the International Committee. In addition, she is Chairperson of the Maureen Connolly Challenge Trophy annual event between USA and Great Britain, and she served on the United States Davis-Federation Cup committee. Ms. Jeffett owns and operates Jeffett Investment properties, LLC a real estate investment company. She is active in other businesses including oil and gas. Prior to serving in these capacities, Ms. Jeffett served as Director and Board Chairman of the Center for Urban Ministry at Wake Forest University, Co-Founder and President of Brinker-Jeffett Communications, Chairperson of the Maureen Connolly Challenge Trophy event between USA and Great Britain (1992, 2007), Executive Director of the Virginia Slims of Dallas (also known as the Avon Championships of Dallas), Executive Director and Tournament Director of the Virginia Slims of Denver, Tournament Marketing Director of World Team Tennis in Dallas and Houston markets, Marketing and Sales-Brigestone World Doubles-Fort Worth, Texas. Ms. Jeffett also participated with the North American Tournament Directors Association. She competed as a nationally ranked junior player. Ms. Jeffett co-founded Brinker-Jeffett Communications (1986), a marketing and special events management company that managed, designed and orchestrated large-scale special events including media, promotions, sponsorship procurement and publicity. She continues to consult in corporate sponsorship procurement, and event management and promotion. Ms. Jeffett is a published author: Silent Partners, a Novel, and Crude Intent, an Alex Sheridan Thriller. She has penned several other manuscripts in process for future publication. She is active in many civic organizations. She assisted with the initial fund-rising for the National Civil Rights Museum Freedom Award (recipients include President Bill Clinton, Nelson Mandela and Oprah Winfrey).  In 2007, she founded a non-partisan citizen action group “Citizens Against Crime”, testified to the Tennessee Senate Judiciary Committee, Nashville, Tennessee and was instrumental in passage of crime prevention legislation.  She is a member of the World Affairs Council of Dallas-Fort Worth, a life member of the United States Tennis Association, The Lawn Tennis Association of Great Britain, a past Fellow member of the Aspen Institute, and an advisory board member of Haiti Children.org, a non-profit that operates schools and residential facilities in Haiti.  She serves as precinct chairman in Dallas, Texas where she participates in numerous political activities. Ms. Jeffett earned a BA in Political Science from Southern Methodist University. She studied at the Sorbonne University, Paris and is conversant in French. Ms. Jeffett is a native of Dallas, Texas and a graduate of Hockaday. She divides her time between Aspen, Colorado and Dallas.  Her son Austin is a graduate of Southern Methodist University and her daughter Katie graduated from University of Colorado in Boulder, Colorado.

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