Seastate: Origins Nicholas Pichach
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Seastate: Origins

Release Date: 04/02/2022

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about Seastate: Origins
2082: The United States stagnates while Communist China is on the rise.
Eccentric billionaire Grace Jaden thought she had her hands full with her Renewable Energy company facing nationalization but when a humanitarian effort goes awry, she ends up a wanted criminal. Her and her team flee to the high seas of the Pacific only to find themselves in the midst of global geopolitical, economic and military conflict.
Will the ocean bring freedom or death?

Seastate: Origins is a geopolitical technothriller for general readers set in the near future in which a future sea state ends up embroiled in an epic battle for the Pacific. From the setting of a sea state powered by state-of-the-art renewable energy to epic battles in the air, land and sea Seastate: Origins aims to be a thought-provoking action-packed novel.

Geopolitics, economics, philosophy and both state-of-the-art energy and military technology are extrapolated and combined in a unique technothriller. A functioning sea-state based on the concept of sea-steading, a floating sovereign nation, despite being outmanned and outgunned faces off against a China making good on its plan to reunify Taiwan by force. The energy transition, crypto-currency, the ultimate price of the national debt, the rise of statism and corruption in the United States, the rise of Communist China, the Taiwan question, human rights, new weapon systems, the role of entrepreneurs in society and questions over the balance between the state and freedom all come into play to spark the imagination of the reader.

About This Author

Nicholas Pichach is an engineer, manager, husband, and father of four. He has over twenty years of energy industry experience as an engineer and manager with university degrees in Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Business. He also enjoys writing, reading, hiking, camping, and traveling. He currently resides in Alberta.

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