Rosehips in June Mike Bennett
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Rosehips in June

Release Date: 10/31/2023

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For the sake of freedom, a commando from the famed Devil’s Brigade is called to bear one last burden: to take the mantle of The Warlock. Charged with the authority to use any means necessary to bring America back to glory, the Warlock brokers an audacious plan to end the oppressive reign of the USSR.

In a conference with President Ronald Reagan, CIA Director William Casey has this conversation:

Casey rolled on, “I’m concerned with our clandestine and covert capabilities since Turner left the office in disarray. Not merely capabilities, but authorities and oversight. Since the Church Committee, our capabilities and will to use covert action has atrophied to a dangerous degree.

“I have a simple proposition: create an intelligence capability with a single point of contact, a position occupied by a person of special trust and whose name is irrelevant. This person is not in command but will have immeasurable power and influence.

“With that power comes equal responsibility, such that the position is to be filled by someone of unquestionable integrity. This person, within the construct of American interests consistent with the Constitution, more than anything else, will make plans, plans that are intended to change the course of the world.”

The President was not fully taken aback; Casey was a warrior, a deep thinker whose counsel was always measured but tinged with extraordinary vision. Reagan’s face was composed in thought and he allowed, “Please, Bill, go on.”

Casey took a deeper breath, “Of course, although CIA would handle some of the more mundane matters, this position, this person would be far outside the box. The idea is this: this position would have an extrajudicial charter loosely organized around Title 10 and 50 authorities and tailored to satisfy intelligence requirements beyond even the covert activities over which Congress had oversight.

“As such, Mr. President, this person must be fully unattributed to having being given any direction by the Executive Branch—you must be protected, and the person entrusted to this capability must also be disassociated to an official position within any USG framework. In essence, this person is a rogue, as I said—extrajudicial, and therefore deniable.

About This Author

A former military officer and graduate of Ranger School and the Special Forces Qualification Course, I deployed to war zones 7 times over a span of 30 years. Over the course of that time, I saw a great many young (and older) Americans serve with great distinction. Observing first hand their sacrifice and dedication, I decided to pursue writing to perhaps capture the spirit of a fighting element representing America at its finest hour. I see this journey through the lens of Special Forces 'By, With and Through' doctrine-- a path that may require a recruited indigenous support asset to emplace the collection device selected for a specific job. Sometimes the entire process takes years; there is no shortcut.
After Iran held America hostage for 444 days, I knew my destiny was to serve—how could I do less? But first: college. At the University of Maine/Orono, enthralled and giddy, an aspiring Honors student sat in a seminar with one Stephen King. And then…Grenada, and the die was cast. I knew eventually I would write, but there were adventures to pursue. Remnants of those adventures find their way on my pages; even if they were not my own, they were stories worth telling.

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