Redemption Olen Baker
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Governed by Independence

Release Date: 05/23/2023


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About This Author

I became a bookworm in my young teens when I took an extended hiatus from video games and discovered my grandfather's book collection of Western novels. In those days I had no idea what my future adventures would lead me to. From the rodeos and cow pastures in Texas Hill Country to the skyscrapers of Houston working for security services and bail bondsmen while struggling to earn a degree as a diesel mechanic before shipping out to the Great Lakes in the Navy and getting beached again back home to work in EMS and go on through nearly every angle of First Responder service from Fire Fighting to Corrections Officer whenever I wasn't bouncing in the back of ambulances on streets or pounding the floors in ER’s working in hospitals from Virginia to Texas again over the last twenty plus years and still going. Reading stories from authors such as William W. Johnstone and David Robbins to name a few, was arguably the best lessons on being a man that a boy from a broken home in South West Texas could get. As I grew older and faced life challenges, I don’t know how lost I would be today had I not learned from fictional heroes how to stand up for what is right. Even when people you care about are taking the other trail and the one I stayed on wasn’t nearly as popular. Fantasy and sci-fi authors such as David Gemmel, Laurell Hamilton, Jim Butcher to name a few eventually caught my attention when reading westerns carried too many bittersweet memories. Then I caught the attention of a Gun Rights company called Cold Dead Hands and fell in love with the writings of the Founding Fathers. From my studies on them and the shared beliefs I adopted, I chased after God until He found me. One thing I have noted in recent years is a tendency to corrupt right and wrong. Whether books or movies, it isn’t anything to run into a story where bad can be felt good. Even satan can be the hero and usually angels are evil. And God… well if He isn’t the villain of popular fiction stories, He is absent or depicted as insane. And when the book is put down, and the final act is played on screen, people seem to have few positive influences trying to pierce through the darkness creeping over our country. You may find an antihero slip into my stories, there are always people who do what is right when it's convenient. However, I hope you find in any book of mine you pick up, a chance to see truth through the fiction and find a reason for doing what is right even when it isn’t convenient. And if nothing else, enjoy a fun read while you are at it, and are welcome to visit my website at http://Regulator.Solutions to keep up with what I am involved in.

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