Derrick Evans Political Prisoner the Untold Story of January 6th
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Political Prisoner

The Untold Story of January 6th

Release Date: 10/17/2023

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about Political Prisoner

In the quiet corners of West Virginia, where the Appalachian mountains cast long shadows over the forgotten towns, a rising star of the political landscape emerges. Derrick Evans, a charismatic lawmaker, captures the hearts and minds of his constituents with promises of change and justice. But his journey is abruptly derailed when he becomes entangled in the chaos that consumed the nation’s capital on January 6th.

“Political Prisoner” is Derrick’s emotionally charged and gripping personal story that delves into his harrowing 90-day incarceration in a Michigan federal prison.

Written with searing honesty, “Political Prisoner” offers a raw and unflinching portrayal of one man’s journey from the heights of power to the brink of losing everything. Now, instead of being taken away in handcuffs, Evans hopes to return to the U.S. Capitol with his hand on a Bible, as he’s sworn in as a US Congressman.

About This Author

Derrick Evans is a lifelong West Virginian. He was born in Huntington, WV and raised in Wayne County, WV. Derrick received a Bachelor of Arts from West Liberty University where he earned NCAA First Team All American honors as a captain of the football team while also being a contributing member of the men's track team. 

After graduating college, Derrick returned to Wayne County where he began his teaching and football coaching career. After four years in the education system, Derrick stepped away from teaching to pursue his passion for real estate investing and property management. 

Before politics, Derrick was a conservative and pro-life activist whose passion for ending abortion lead to numerous unborn lives being saved. Derrick also helped to secure legal support for the adoptions of each child whose mother chose adoption. 

Derrick was first elected to the West Virginia House of Delegates in 2020 as he became the first Republican to win his District in over 98 years. At the time it was a multi-member House District almost the size of the current WV State Senate District.  Derrick won in a landslide victory. 

Derrick married his college sweetheart Melissa (Pierzchala) who is a first generation American. Together, they have four children: Marlee (7); Emmalynn (5); Waylen (3); Lincoln (2).

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