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Patriots of Treason

Release Date: 10/12/2012


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about Patriots of Treason

The first book in the Patriot Series by David Thomas Roberts, Patriots of Treason is a riveting political thriller that brings to life the worst-case scenario of a corrupt U.S. government that sends the United States into a constitutional crisis not seen since the Civil War. A President and his administration, filled with scandals and plagued by economic woes, surprisingly wins re-election to a second term largely based on an “October Surprise” and the promise of redistribution of the nation’s wealth.  An assassination attempt on election night throws the United States into chaos. When it is discovered that the assassin has ties to the administration’s political antithesis, a diabolical conspiracy is launched to quash the political opposition and keep the assassin’s true motives from the American people. When an ordinary Texas citizen is arrested, terrorized, and held without due process, the Governor of Texas dispatches iconic Texas Ranger Pops Younger to rescue him. The entire country becomes captivated in the suspense of the high-stakes chess game that pits the State of Texas and the Texas Rangers against the administration and the ATF that escalates to unprecedented proportions.  An exciting and fast-paced political thriller, Patriots of Treason presents a very realistic ‘what if’ scenario that will keep you on the edge of your seat, regardless of your political persuasion.

About This Author

Webster's Dictionary defines a Renaissance Man as: "a present-day man who has acquired profound knowledge or proficiency in more than one field." David Thomas Roberts' definitely fits the description of a modern-day Renaissance Man. Roberts is an entrepreneur, inventor, political columnist, bestselling author, and cattle rancher.  Roberts founded a telecom technology firm based on a software idea he created and was awarded a U.S. Patent for it. That firm is now a multi-million global consulting firm that created an entire industry. Roberts is still the CEO of the company.  He has also founded Defiance Press & Publishing, an independent conservative publishing company as well as a non-profit Twice-the-Monuments.Org for restoring historical monuments taken down by riots and local governments. Roberts, who is a political activist for conservative and libertarian causes founded a political PAC, Texans for True Conservatives based on candidates taking the PAC’s conservative pledge.  He is a supporter of the originalists in Constitutional matters and believes government is too centralized, too large, and fiscally irresponsible. A staunch defender of capitalism, Roberts advocates for  Free Enterprise and small business owners – the backbone of the U.S. economy.   Roberts is currently working on a new business venture and will launch a new company, Wealtheo in October 2020 which combines financial literacy, personal finance, and a business opportunity. Roberts’ 650-acre Texas ranch, Brushwood Rose breeds registered Texas Longhorn cattle. Roberts lives in Montgomery, Texas with his wife of thirty-six years has four adult children and has five grandchildren.  

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