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Nueces Justice

Release Date: 07/30/2019


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about Nueces Justice

Nueces Justice features Texas Ranger Captain Luke Dunn, whose life becomes forever etched by the vast prairies of the Nueces Strip of 1856. The Rangers had been defunded, but Dunn’s call to duty wouldn’t let him quit. His quest for bringing lawbreakers to justice creates a cycle of hunters becoming the hunted, as cattle thieves, whores, murderers, and Comanche are woven into this tale of the Texas frontier that stretches from Corpus Christi to Laredo. The Comanche call Dunn Ghost-Who-Rides, young Elisa’s heart is set on fire for her Ranger Captain, thieving Carlos Perez seeks vengeance over the eye Dunn took, Bad Bart Strong seeks to kill a Ranger to become famous, Dirk Cavendish and his whore Scarlett create their own crime wave, and everything converges in little Nuecestown, Texas.

about this author

With Nueces Reprise, fifth-generation Texan Mark Greathouse continues his passion for writing coupled with love of history and his own Texas cultural heritage. As author, business executive, investor, entrepreneur, educator, and parent, he leads by example through business and community leadership roles.


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