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Nueces Deceit

Release Date: 08/25/2020


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about Nueces Deceit

In Nueces Reprise, the Tumbleweed Sagas continue the adventures of protagonist Texas Ranger Captain Luke Dunn, whose life has become forever etched on the vast prairies of the Nueces Strip of 1857.  Dunn redoubles his quest to deliver justice and bring redemption, as murderers, swindlers, whores, robbers, and hostiles are wrapped into this action-packed tale set on the Texas frontier.  The Comanche call Dunn Ghost-Who-Rides, Luke’s and Elisa’s passions set the prairie ablaze, thieving Carlos Perez seeks to wreak his final vengeance on the Texas Ranger, paid killers strive to rid the Strip of Dunn and his justice, Horatio Thorpe wields his corrupted power, savages fight back against their certain demise, and it all comes to a head in little Nuecestown, Texas.

about this author

With Nueces Reprise, fifth-generation Texan Mark Greathouse continues his passion for writing coupled with love of history and his own Texas cultural heritage. As author, business executive, investor, entrepreneur, educator, and parent, he leads by example through business and community leadership roles.


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