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Nicholas Dunn

The Making of a Texas Legend

Release Date: 12/22/2020


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about Nicholas Dunn

It’s 1850.  A stocky, red-haired Irish teen steps onto the docks of Corpus Christi, Texas with two of his uncles.  Escaping the famine and unrest of County Kildare, Ireland, he has brought with him a plow and a spirit of adventure.  Over the next 62 years, Nicholas Dunn would carve a new life from the vast unforgiving South Texas frontier.  Nicholas Dunn: The Making of a Texas Legend is the biography of a man whose experiences could easily have graced dime-store novels and is the stuff of celluloid epics.  Written in first person, it aims to personalize the story of a true Texan.  Dunn is loyal to his family and Catholic faith above all, but his destiny takes him on his own path.  He learns blacksmithing and flirts with farming before discovering his passion for cattle and horses.  Dunn droves cattle to the northern railheads, earning a reputation as a superior marksman and Indian fighter.  He learns the art of livestock speculation and acquires cattle and ranchlands which he must defend against the likes of Comanche savages and Mexican bandits. He marries Andree Ann Corrigan, and they have ten children of which six survive to adulthood on the rough and tumble prairies of the Nueces Strip.  He becomes a Texan to his core, mixing Irish brogue and Texas twang with a confident yet humble swagger.  Quick to anger and quick to laugh, loyal and loving, he is a tough hombre that any man would welcome by his side in a brawl.  Nicholas Dunn is of the stuff that legends are made.

about this author

With Nueces Deceit, fifth-generation Texan Mark Greathouse continues his passion for writing coupled with the love of history and his own Texas cultural heritage.  He has woven an epic fictional adventure in an historical setting.  As author, business executive, investor, entrepreneur, educator, and parent, he has led by example through business and community leadership roles.  He holds degrees from the University of Maryland (BA) and American University (MBA). A published author of fiction and poetry, including Tumbleweed Sagas Nueces Justice and Nueces Reprise, he is a member of the Western Writers of America and several poetry societies.  He has been a Defiance Press & Publishing author since early 2019.  With their raw edginess, the Tumbleweed Sagas deliver a series of tales of a Texas Ranger courageously bringing justice to the vast frontier of the Texas Nueces Strip of the late 1850s.  Greathouse delivers compelling YouTube videos at and posts on Facebook at Tumbleweed Sagas.  Greathouse, his wife, and two sons live in Southern Pennsylvania, and he dreams of retiring to Texas and his Texas family roots.


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