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March 2nd

Texit: It's Now or Never

Release Date: 02/08/2022

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about March 2nd

Enough talk about Texas secession.  Lt. Governor Michael O’Neil is determined to make it happen.   When the Governor of Texas dies in office, O’Neil finally has his chance to forge the new Republic of Texas.  Secession is a fight beyond anything he expected and one he can’t possibly win by himself.  With the support of a dozen allies in the state government and a handful of disgruntled military leaders, the new Governor forces through a state-wide referendum on secession – the long-awaited Texit vote.  To win the vote, O’Neil must navigate treacherous politics, fierce court battles, and a military that swore an oath to the United States Constitution.  Washington will not let Texas go quietly and the Texas militia is no match for the world’s only superpower.  As President of Texas, O’Neil believes his only chance is for quick and decisive action.  He relies on the Lone Star Squadron, a renegade group of Texas-born F-35 pilots to protect the young Republic.  Ultimately, with the heavily outnumbered Texas military on the brink of annihilation, the people of Texas must decide their own fate.

about this author

T.M. Milburn was raised in Richardson, Texas, and holds a Doctorate degree from The Ohio State University.  He lives in North Texas with his wife and three daughters.


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