Living with Dictators
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Living with Dictators

Release Date: 10/25/2022

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about Living with Dictators
Based on the “Issues Alive” miniseries on NTD!

The world is at a dangerous tipping point. It has become clear that many of us face living under an autocracy as opposed to a democracy in the near future. We are seeing that dictators are on the rise all over the world, and they seriously threaten our freedom, liberty and democratic values.

There have been many examples throughout history of dictators exercising a tyrannical control over their countries and citizens. The conflict in Europe that we are witnessing in Ukraine echoes events in the 1950s when the communists attempted to conquer Korea. The outcome was an Armistice in 1953 that has led to an uneasy stalemate on the Korean peninsula. The Korean War is technically still being fought between the communist north and the Western allies in the south.

Too few people across the world are aware of the Armistice that only provides a fragile peace. Currently new alliances are building that are a serious threat to the stability of North Asia. This book exposes the hidden pressures that have not yet received much attention. The experts describe the alarming situation that the dictators in the region are moving all of us towards, both today and for the future.

For many years now the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un and his family dynasty have led a nuclear weapons program that has cast a shadow over the region. It seems that he is enjoying the support of the all-powerful Chinese dictator Xi Jinping, who has recently openly admitted that his goal is to dominate the world.

This book is based on the TV series Issues Alive which was broadcast in the first half of 2022 by NTD Television. As you read it you will realize how timely it is to draw attention to the tinderbox developing on the Korean Peninsula, an impending crisis with the potential to threaten the peace of the entire world.

We were fortunate to enlist the services of the well-known Washington DC political commentator and pundit Frank Gaffney to host the TV series. His insightful discourses with some of the eminent experts in America focus on issues that are going to determine our future in today’s uncertain world. Frank makes us aware of the turmoil in North Asia and his invited guests reflect on the challenges as well as suggesting solutions.

These experts contributed their views from many perspectives. They are informed activists from different walks of life, from political pundits to former ambassadors, from military strategists to high-ranking government officials. They continue to share their experiences and knowledge while fighting for their beliefs and we thank them for sharing their opinions with us.

About This Author

Dr Andrew Crilly worked as a BBC Executive for 20 years and produced over 400 TV and radio programs before moving to Singapore to work as a media specialist for government statutory boards and global commercial enterprises. He partnered with Jane Johnson to cofound the Singaporean media company MACH 2 Pte Ltd, where he pioneered many new formats for interactive multimedia products that serve educational and information needs. From 2000 he moved to America where he spearheaded several groundbreaking educational projects. He led the development of interactive English language teaching and learning for middle and high school students which was used widely, particularly in countries that most needed access to digital education. These innovative US-based projects included patented internet-led interfaces that were programmed by technical experts in Silicon Valley, California and Asia and aimed specifically at developing markets. This customization was used for the production of over 500 interactive DVDs for K-12 school topics and English language multimedia materials for teachers and students. During this time he also took education into the furthest reaches of Africa where his expertise in modern digital technology benefited many isolated village communities in several countries including Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Malawi and Tanzania. He is currently developing a portfolio of interactive media packages based on science and social science books that he is coauthoring with Jane Johnson. The packages aim to communicate a basic understanding of the most important achievements of science, technology and society and the current challenges of living in a media-dominated world. He worked with Jane Johnson to coproduce the TV series Issues Alive broadcast and streamed to 150 million households worldwide and its contents are currently being edited for publication as a book accompanying the series. He is the founding president of the New Institute Hawaii which empowers students with leadership skills for tomorrow.Jane Johnson worked at the BBC for twelve years as a journalist and TV producer covering current affairs worldwide. She spent ten years working in Singapore where she founded her media company MACH2 Pte Ltd with Andrew Crilly. She currently lives in the United States and produces interactive packages for promotional and informational purposes. This work takes her to many countries including Korea, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia and the Philippines. Her immediate media engagements will take her to the UK and continental Europe. Jane has had the good fortune to work across diverse media formats. She has produced and directed TV commercials, corporate videos, informational and educational DVDs, media events, broadcast spots for educational materials and also undertaken photographic assignments for book publications. This range of experience proved to be a foundation for Jane to help establish a Hawaii-based leadership institute called the New Institute which teaches leadership courses to qualified students. She has instructed a succession of young leaders from the USA and Korea by working in partnership with the famed Leadership Institute based in Washington DC, USA. Additionally, she produced several series of TV-based programs, including servant leadership presented by Kent Keith, former President of PacRim University and a founder of the discipline of servant leadership. She also produced a major series on US constitution studies presented by Wallbuilders, the recognised experts in the basic principles of honoring values that ensure democracy in the America. Jane is currently coauthoring a portfolio of books with Andrew Crilly on topics that range from politics, science, technology, financial risk, to public health. She coproduced the broadcast and streaming TV Series Issues Alive with Andrew Crilly.Frank J Gaffney founded and is Executive Chairman of the Center for Security Policy in Washington DC, a not-for-profit, non-partisan organization that specializes in foreign and defense policy research and analysis. Frank Gaffney served on the staff of democratic US Senator Henry “Scoop” Jackson and as a professional staff member on the Senate Armed Service Committee. He was later nominated by President Reagan to become Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Policy in his administration. He is fiercely dedicated to pursuing Reagan’s adage of “peace through strength” that proved so successful in the Reagan era.   Among many media achievements and awards Frank Gaffney is the host of Secure Freedom Radio, a nationally syndicated radio program heard weeknights throughout the USA, and a TV Series Securing America that is also syndicated weeknights on the Real America’s Voice Network. He hosted the TV series Issues Alive which was broadcast and streamed to 150 million households worldwide. His thoughtful insights impact viewers of these programs as well as readers of his penetrating online news bulletins.   Frank is known and respected in Washington DC for his investigative approach to journalism. He tackles contentious issues that threaten the freedom and security of America and has built up a formidable network of experts who regularly discuss these matters for the benefit of wide audiences. His network of influential and knowledgeable contributors is unique, ranging from politicians to policymakers to legislators to authors and to subject matter experts. He informs and educates on topics that many believe will decide our future.

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