In Your Minds Eye Gary Nanson
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In Your Mind’s Eye

Release Date: 03/07/2023

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about In Your Mind’s Eye
When the sun sets, the shadows come alive and draw you in to the intrigue of life and death on the streets of Los Angeles. Shadows that only policemen understand. This story is about Lieutenant Jack Adams, head of the Gang Detail of the Los Angeles Police Department, and his life navigating the shadows. Political interference by the Mayor of Los Angeles has opened the door for Lieutenant Adams to design a new strategy to combat gang crime, an intelligence based effort that serves as a new model for law enforcement. But a harsh collision between Adams and a member of the LAPD command staff infiltrates into the undercover operation that shakes the foundation of Los Angeles and endangers lives. A collision that changes things. The story spans across street gangs, outlaw motorcycle gangs and ultimately to Transnational Organized Crime, the Russian Mafia. Jack Adams, however, has become that man who is hard to like. We’ve all met people like that. Those people who begin life and careers excited and with high ideals that are driven to make a difference, to help others. People with a big heart. But somewhere along the line, their perspective becomes distorted. As the world has changed and policing along with it, Jack Adams has held to his ideals of caring for those who need help and holding criminals accountable. But he now has a new battle to fight. He must now fight all those who block his path. The media, politicians and sadly, weak leaders within the Los Angeles Police Department. Actually, Adams is fighting everyone. This is his story.

About This Author

Holding both Bachelor's and Master's degrees, I completed 33 years of service with the Los Angeles Police Department. I moved through the ranks as a Police Officer, Training Officer, Tactical Element Member, Detective, Sergeant and Lieutenant. My assignments included patrol in South Central Los Angeles, homicide investigator, violent crime investigator, financial crime investigator, citywide tactical response team, terrorist counter assault team, surveillance, vice, narcotics and gangs. I served as a liaison to the State of California D.O.J. as to the development of crime reporting and analysis. I have written articles for law enforcement publications. I have served in a number of organizations including Los Angeles Mission College, Single Mother's Outreach, Jeopardy Balancing the Odds (gang prevention), Los Angeles County Gang Task Force, and the San Fernando Valley Gang Coalition. I hold a B.S. in Criminology from California State University at Long Beach and a M.A. in Organizational Management. I am a 33 year veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department and retired as a Lieutenant in charge of Gang Details. I was considered a predominant gang expert for the Los Angeles Police Department.

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