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Hometown Politics

Back To The Basics

Release Date: 08/24/2021

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about Hometown Politics

This inspiring guide highlights the historical background of America and is filled with personal stories and practical tips for you to easily begin making a difference immediately in your hometown politics through a bottom-up approach.

About This Author

David Covey is a community leader who communicates how to work with and influence local government. David graduated with his BSBA in 2012 and his Juris Doctorate in 2016.  He currently serves as the Fire Commissioner of Orange County’s Emergency Service District #4 and Chairman of the Orange County Republican Party, President for the TRCCA, and SREC committeeman for SD 3.  In 2018, Governor Abbott recognized David as a grassroots leader in Texas while visiting Orange County. David is also on the executive board for the Texas Young Republicans. David has previously served as Senior Policy Advisor for the Texas Senate where he worked on over one hundred pieces of legislation and as Communications Specialist for members of the U.S. Congress. Currently, David Covey is married and lives in Orange, TX, and works as a Consultant for the oil, gas, and petrochemical industry in Southeast Texas.

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