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Freedom First

Brief Readings on Liberty, Peace and Prosperity

Release Date: 03/26/2019


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about Freedom First

Freedom First is a collection of 118 nonfiction readings focused on simplified stories that convey practical economic insights.  Most of the readings explain how free markets drive economic prosperity and how market prices communicate signals to coordinate cooperation. The book clarifies the concept of natural rights and the role of natural rights and other institutions in promoting freedom and prosperity. Some of the readings discuss the causes of economic growth and evaluate the role of wealth in meeting the goals of the participants of economies. The book examines the core beliefs and goals of the progressive left and defends traditional American values regarding economics. The book’s many varied discussions focus on applying evidence and logic to ascertain the relative merits of economic freedom and authoritarianism. A moderate number of the readings have a “college professor memoir” aspect that includes recollection of classroom discussions or activities. The readings are independent of each other and therefore can be read in any order and at any pace.

About This Author

Donald R Chambers is a recently-retired professor of finance with 36 years of teaching experience.

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