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Freedom and Human Achievement

Release Date: 09/26/2023


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about Freedom and Human Achievement
Every child has an inalienable right to be born Free of debt.

When Government grows it picks winners, makes losers…and the common man loses every time.

Throughout recorded history, taxation has been used to preserve the power and wealth of the elite
ruling class at the expense of the producers and especially the working class.

Fundamentally, America is not, and never has been, a country of laws. Itis a country of
inalienable rights.(SeeChapter13)

We have a supreme court that has violated the principles of neutrality and has let politics and
beliefs influence its decisions.

Using Government force to prevent a gun-toting grandmother from protecting her family from
murderous criminals is fundamentally wrong. The only threat she poses is to bad guys!

Tolerance is the price we pay for Freedom.(SeeChapter4)

The limiting of accepted conversation prevents the exchange of ideas that is crucial to the
nourishment of a Free and vibrant society.

One of the greatest threats to our Freedom and the flourishing of humanity is authoritarianism.

About This Author

Jeff was raised in a family of teachers and is personally certified to teach both Government and Biology.  He is a serial entrepreneur and holds numerous patents in fields as diverse as geophysics, energy savings and helping find wounded animals.  A wide range of life experiences and intense curiosity influence his work as an author.  His writing reflects the more than 20-years of exhaustive research he conducted in preparation to write Freedom and Human Achievement.

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