Fake News A Novel Troy Wilson
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Fake News: A Novel

Release Date: 12/13/2022


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about Fake News: A Novel

‘Fake News, A Novel’ is a work of fiction.  It speaks however to a new reality which surveys say has led to a historically high distrust in our news media.  This book could not have been credibly written twenty-five years ago.  Even as a work of fiction it is very relevant today.

About This Author

Troy Wilson is the pen name for a former journalist who spent more than thirty years working in television news. He achieved many professional accomplishments over that time employed  mostly as a manager of television newsrooms across the United States.  He would tell you however that his greatest accomplishment was the recruiting, training and mentoring of hundreds of talented journalists.  His achievements in television news have not come from what he did himself but through the efforts of the teams he helped build and mentor. Troy has retired from the news business but remains a 'news junkie' of sorts today.

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